The Best Has Yet to come.....

Adriance Edington


I am currently a senior biology major at Winston-Salem State University where I have been performing research all four years. The purpose of my research is to view whether or not 10% fructose will induce hypertension in Sprague Dawley rats. I have acquired the certification that qualifies me to work with rats and I excel at taking their weights and blood pressures properly. I also know how to make simple solutions, have proper pipetting techniques, and other basic laboratory skills. I recently learned how to operate a magnetic hypothermia machine and K-laser during my summer research experience. My aspirations include graduating from medical school and becoming a pediatrician. I am interested in medically-related issues such as bacterial diseases, proper patient care, and working in a hospital-based environment. Being a biology major, has taught me how to be determined, focused, and dedicated to learn from the vigorous courses I have taken at WSSU. It was not easy, but it was well worth it and has gotten me ready for the real world.

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